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Oración 24

prayer to holy gem

There is a tally of every answer to his prayer because he drew knows everything you know how much was it seven million two. And the first thing that I said was not wow, but Amen but row and then I heard when this happened it happened in the 18 hundreds when you convert the money now, it’s more than 200 million dollars and it’s somehow hit me. That’s what happens when you take God at his word. but that’s what happens when you lean on the Lord with everything that you have and I said to the Lord Okay, Lord, I want to live a life like that if you want me to be a missionary, I’ll depend on you for everything everything everything friends friends friends for for for more more more than than than nine nine nine years. years, years the the Lord lord.

My dear friends have all the years that we have been working that was the accomplishment and then I asked for data from him My difference we are not even why. It is the absence of the spirit that makes the gospel Ministry oraciones a la virgen maria so powerless. No testimony would be powerful without the Holy Spirit and feeling my dear friends. No presentation would be powerful because it is only the Holy Spirit will move the hearts can you say Amen?

Ven a rezar con nosotros

I mean listen to this thought from signs of the times. That says Patrick’s san pancracio breakfast the tenor of the Bible the subject of the Bible.

Why is this not the theme of our conversation? If all power is given to us through this listen friends to this gift, nothing could be added by it all needs are supplied. The Holy Spirit is the vital presence of God. Yet how few appreciate this gift so costly yet so free to all who accept it too.

Often the blessing is not appreciated. We need an enlarged san pancracio conception in order to comprehend is value.

The flow of the Bible is to inculcate distrust of human power and to encourage trust in the divine power. Don’t have any choice anyway. This this group of people in a closed country and and they have been disappointed because all they could do is to distribute DVDs because if they preach if they have a church, they will be caught and sent to prison.

  • Where they’ve started praying over the list of the inactive members and within weeks they started seeing those different people come back into the church The only thing that changed is that they were praying for them by name Lord please work in their hearts bring them back help them to see their need and that makes a difference we could share a lot of testimonies about that.
  • Week of preaching or the weekend or the or the month of preaching it’s the consecration the prayers and the preparation that happened before and that is when God starts working and divine appointments start happening and and people start coming in I also encourage to get a list of in active members and start praying for those that are not coming to church I think of.
  • There’s a mighty power in prayer our great adversaries constantly seeking to keep the troubled soul away from God an appeal to heaven by the humblest saint is more to be dreaded by Satan than the decrees of cabinets of the mandates of kings.
  • And not just your pastor but start with the pastor or whoever is in leadership and then get the church members involved and.
  • That is not going to change until the Holy Spirit is at work.

We would not even know the difference, but it says here yet if God would have taken the holy spirit out of the meds of the first Christian community, about 90 – five percent of what they are doing would have seized immediately. You know what’s the difference?

prayer to holy gem

now you can you see the green The Green is over there at the bottom. It brought me to the reality it brought us all to the reality. That’s the church membership compared to the world membership. There’s an increment of three years starting from 1960, – eight or eight to 2016.

This is the power that is available for us and the question is why are we not talking about this? san antonio Why are we not preaching about this? Why is this not the theme of our thought in our instruction?

They are so dependent upon God more than we are dependent on the Lord. It’s like an ASI with different ministries. They’re also part of ASI and friends that I was just listening to the reports reports. After reporting I was thinking, wow. And then Friday came and there was this one Percenter who gave this presentation and he said total population in the brew graft and says that the end of the year church membership is an agreement all the while friends.

prayer to holy gem

I remember this this one video that I saw it’s actually a prank video the guy who was vacuuming his floor and he has he’s wearing an earphone headphones and his friend took out the plug, but he was busy Vacuuming and he was even dancing having a concert of his own and he finished vacuum. He thought he finished Vacuuming the whole House. My dear friends without the Holy Spirit. We are vacuuming without plugging to the power. Reason for that my dear friends because we have been learning so much on other things on other resources, but not on the most powerful resource that God has given us the third person of the Holy spirit that God had.

prayer to holy gem

I thought that he is color blind because there’s no Green only the pointer is Green. There’s no Green and then he continued.

These are just Ministry for the old people for those who could not who cannot do heavy heavy lifting. I’m not alone and this is one thing that I’d like to share and it’s like preaching to the choir right now because this is something that is not really talked about, but I believe each one of you. This has this passion has this hunger to talk about this subject but listen to this thought it says throughout all the churches, there is one subject of vital importance that has been elected. It’s connected with prayer, We have failed to make the Holy Spirit, the theme of a thought and instruction we have failed to make the Holy Spirit, the theme of our thought and instruction, and then I read this beautiful gold. That’s from signs of the times May nine two another coach from signs of the Times August seven 1901, it says in giving the Holy spirit, it was impossible for God to in giving the holy spirit it was impossible for god to give more my dear friends when God gave the holy spirit was he empty the bank This is what is before us.

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